Triple Royal Gold Slot Demo

Triple Royal Gold Slot Demo Machine Review: Play and All Explanations

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Triple Royal Gold slot demo offers a 3-column, 3-row gaming setting, with lights everywhere just like in a real casino or game show. You play with the classic crowns, bells, BAR, horseshoes and 7 lucky charms. These symbols will allow you to win free spins, a multiplier of up to 27 points, and achieve the probable maximum win which is equal to 5,000 times the initial bet.

Play a classic, illuminated slot

Triple Royal Gold starts in an illuminated place. It is either a slot highlighted particularly inside a casino gambling hall or a slot highlighted in a gambling show. In fact, we can make out a curtain with a mix of green and turquoise in the hazy background.This curtain is framed by what looks like sorts of horns. They look like beams of light in the shape of elephant tusks. In this landscape of color and light, we can see light flickering behind the slot machine.

The slot machine itself is very classic. It is however necessary to note the material in which it is made. Plastic? Polished metal coated with Licra? This outer layer is as shimmering as a coin fresh from its issuing bank. As the name “Triple Royal Gold” lights up at the top of the grid, dozens of small bulbs illuminate the game board at the same time. The player’s attention is thus drawn in. He will be able to concentrate better on the game symbols of the grid: 7 lucky charms, bell, crown, BAR, horseshoe. A diamond stone serves as a metaphor for the Wild.

Multipliers, up to 5,000 times the bet, and free spins

The Triple Royal Gold game board intersects between 3 columns and 3 rows with 27 paylines. The maximum win potential is 5,000 times the stake, with a volatility rate varying between 96.41% – 94.27% – 92.37%, and 90.34%. Everyone can try their luck, since the bet allowed is between 10 cents and 100 euros per spin. In addition, the symbols are quite generous. In a successful combination, they can pay up to 5 times the original wager. The crown specifically pays you 1 times the initial bet, for only two coins. The Wild has the ability to substitute for an odd symbol to achieve a winning combination.

After a winning combination in Triple Royal Gold, the symbols involved disappear, and the gaps created are then filled with adjacent symbols. Which is likely to make a new winning combination, as it goes.


The Aw8indo Bonus Game is also a feature that can make you rich. Under the game board, there is written B-O-N-U-S. One of these letters may appear in the game grid. However, if you manage to unlock all five letters, the Bonus Game begins with eight free spins. In the bonus game, the winning combinations have the effect of activating the buttons representing the symbols. 

These symbols are also listed under the game board. After a winning combination of a symbol, the image of the latter is activated under the game board. If you make winning combinations with each symbol, all the corresponding lights activate, and you receive 2 additional free spins in addition to a multiplier increasing by level and which can reach up to 27 points!


Triple Royal Gold also gives the possibility to buy game features. To access them, you will bet 120 times the initial bet.

The actual slot machine is quite traditional. However, it is important to pay attention to the substance that it is made of. Plastic? polished metal with a Licra coating? This outer layer has the same sheen of a newly issued coin. Dozens of tiny lamps simultaneously illuminate the game board while the name “Triple Royal Gold” illuminates at the top of the grid. Thus, the player’s interest is peaked. He will be able to focus more clearly on the grid’s game symbols, including the horseshoe, bell, crown, and seven lucky charms. A diamond stone serves as a metaphor for the Wild.

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