PapayaPop Slot Review

PapayaPop Slot Review (High Volatility RTP 96%) Avatar UX

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Looking for the PapayaPop slot review? In their Art Deco-themed of this game, developer Avatar UX allows players to get all glammed up for a night out. As the name implies, this is the latest addition to their renowned PopWins-themed slot series, developed in conjunction with Yggdrasil Gaming. 

This game slot is a more upmarket version of Avatar UX’s previous fruity PopWins game, CherryPop. It is characterized by its creator as a “luxurious fruit slot.” 

It has more in common with CherryPop than just fruit, since both games have comparable features like PopWins, expanding reels, and free spins with a progressive multiplier.

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Overview of PapayaPop Slot Review

‘Swinging’ is a word that perfectly describes the Art Deco period. The Great Gatsby, which was based on the definitive F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the time had plenty of this on tap, captured primarily through a big band soundtrack while the graphics team did a fantastic job duplicating the sights from The Great Gatsby. 

The main character says, “I was within and without, both enchanted and disgusted by the limitless variety of life.” PapayaPop certainly sparkles, and the decision to use exotic fruits as icons rather than the more typical cherries or plums was a good one.

1. RTP and Volatility

On any platform, from smartphones to PCs, this classic slot allows you to dress up in 1920s style, with bets ranging from 20p to £/€40 each spin. With high volatility, the action takes place on a reel set that starts at 5×3 size in the base game and offers 243 ways to win. 

This number is theoretically doubled because the grid pays both lefts to right and right to left, allowing the PopWins feature to be displayed more clearly on the game board. With a 96% RTP and a 22% hit frequency, the game’s potential is modest for a PopWins game yet respectable in the grand scheme of things.

2. Paying Symbols

As previously stated, the game rewards both ways, so players can win if three matching symbols appear adjacently on either outside reel. On the low end, we have 9-A card royals, with horned melons, starfruit, durians, figs, mangosteens, dragon fruit, and a gleaming silver pineapple on the high end. 

Landing a five-symbol high-paying combination is worth 2.5 to 8 times your bet, but the golden papaya symbol, which pays 15 times your bet for five, takes the cake. The lone extremely high symbol is papayas. 

To round off this part, PapayaPop does not use wilds or scatters at any stage during the game. Instead, it builds values purely from PopWins’ properties.

3. Game Features

When you get a win in PapayaPop, the winning symbols are popped off the board and replaced with fresh ones, which can lead to multiple wins in a row on a single spin. This approach increases the number of ways to win by extending the reels upwards. 

In the standard betting game, the reels can only go up to 6 spots high, giving you a total of 7,776 possibilities to win, or 15,552 if you pay both ways. The grid reverts to its original size when no additional wins arise in a sequence.

Free Spins

Free spins with an x2 multiplier are provided if all reels reach 6 rows high in the base slot game. Players can collect or risk them before they begin to potentially start with up to 6,250 opportunities to win and an x5 multiplier. 

To do so, you must spin a Gamble Wheel, which will result in the loss of free spins if it ends on a non-winning section.

Bonus Round

The bonus round does not really have a fixed number of free spins and instead begins with three lives. Non-winning spins take away a life, while successful spins return the counter to three. 

When you lose all of your life, the bonus round ends. In free spins, the grid can now grow up to 9 reels tall, giving you a total of 118,098 possibilities to win. 

In addition, during free spins, the grid is reset to the lowest reel height rather than the starting size. As a result of Daftar slot online site, if all of the reels reach nine rows high, the game will remain that way for the remainder of the bonus round.

Bonus Buy

In addition, whether or not there is a win, the win multiplier grows by +1 after each free spin. The multiplier increases by +2 instead of the grid reaching its maximum 9-row size, with no upper limit.

Before we leave, there’s one more feature to mention: the Bonus Buy option. To buy free spins, press the button and pay 75 times your stake. Players can bet to increase their starting size and multiplier, or collect to get directly into the game with the x2 multiplier and 486 starting ways. 

Free spins are triggered every 197 spins on average for those who want to wait or can’t use the feature.

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Final Words

This game gives players a standard explanation of what PopWins is all about. Avatar UX hasn’t changed the gameplay in any way, opting instead to focus on the theme. 

In some ways, it feels as if this game was rushed off the line not to advance the series, but to keep the brand alive in the public eye, lest it fades away. 

There appears to be little danger of this happening, as Avatar UX has done an excellent job of carving out a niche for their PopWins games. It’s just that the PapayaPop slot review feels like padding rather than progress because it adds nothing to advance the spectrum. This game is now available at many online casinos, including slot bonus new member 100 di awal to 10x. Those sites offer many promotions to their players, such turnover bonus, welcome bonus, etc.

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